Feminelle Special Care + Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel

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A deodorising cleansing gel with Deo Complex that delivers an ultra fresh feeling, while effectively preventing the development of unpleasant intimate odours caused by bacteria and limiting harmful bacteria proliferation. Leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

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Weight 300 kg

2 reviews for Feminelle Special Care + Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel

  1. Rasheedah

    I don’t know Feminelle feminine wash works wonders until I got mine too. Though have been hearing different testimonies everywhere.
    Before I got my own feminine wash, I normally have this itchy feeling in my private part area,
    unpleasant smell oozing out, dryness and all that! (I’m sure someone can relate with this).
    On this particular day,when it was delivered to me I immediately went to the rest room to use it as soon as possible.
    Guess what? I don’t know where that relieve came from oo! I was so relieve that I couldn’t help but keep smiling to myself.
    See ehn,to cut the long story short, ever since I’ve been using this amazing wash, I don’t complain about itch, bad odour, dryness o!

    I’ve turn my feminelle wash to my new baby o! I carry it everywhere I go oo!

    P:S: Let me yarn you more, it is not a chemical products o. It is pure organic. Safe for use any day, anytime.

    It’s a highly recommended products!!!

  2. Olubunmi

    I bought this a month ago and is highly quality, natural and sellable!

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